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Quick Guide

To start ordering groceries to ‘Click and Collect’ either enter the Online Larder via the ‘SHOP NOW’ button below or the
‘Shop Now’ option from the ‘Online Larder’ dropdown menu.


Ordering online is simple:


Select the product category from the menu on the left-hand side
of the screen.

For example, if you want to buy organic bran flakes, select cereals.

You are then taken to a screen which has pictures of
all the cereals we have.

You can either:

Select your required amount and click ‘ADD TO BASKET’ 


Move the cursor over the picture of the product and click to see more information.
This will take you to a second screen which will show you the ingredients and a description of the product. You can then choose the amount of product you wish to add and click ‘Add to basket’


You can order more than one bag of the same product, for example a bag of Pick & Mix for each family member. Just add a description in the ‘Order notes’ box when you checkout.


Please read the following notes which will help you shop:

You can always email or call us if you are having any problems with your order and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


In the online shop most of the goods are sold in units of 100g, the exceptions to this are herbs and spices which are sold in 10g increments.


We do not currently deliver, so once you have ordered and paid, we will make up your order and you can collect it from Bovey Larder. Please add your expected collection time.


Just like when you dispense products in the shop, it is often difficult to accurately weigh 100g or 10g of some products. We will never provide you with less than you have ordered but we may be slightly over, only ever by 10 to 20 grams.


If you wish us to fill your own containers, please drop them into the shop before you order. Otherwise, all products will be served in recyclable paper bags.


Please bring a bag to carry your goods home.


We aim to have everything that is advertised in the Online Larder available for you to select. However, if we have a run on a product in the shop, we cannot guarantee that it will be available. When you collect your order, you can choose an alternative product, or we will refund you for any goods not received.


The photographs are representations or recipe ideas for the product and may not be an exact photograph of the product you will receive.


You will see some icons feature on the products explaining dietary information.

The key is as follows: